Rosha Yaghmai                       

Streetlights and Lunar Surface Bench, 2017
Mixed media sculptures
Exhibition location: Hillside below 150-foot Solar Tower
Photo credit: Eden Batki, Austin Radcliffe

Rosha Yaghmai presents sculptures evocative of streetlamps and benches, bringing together a West Coast Conceptualism rooted in psychedelic concepts, exploring themes of transformation and alienation.

Rosha Yaghmai is primarily a sculptor experimenting with both found and cast materials. Her work brings together West Coast Conceptualism with a LA slant. The artist uses foreignness and estrangement as a way to open up the possibility of a connection to other temporalities. Rosha Yaghmai lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She received her MFA from CalArts in 2007. Solo and 2 person exhibitions include: Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY; Kayne Griffin Corcoran, LA, CA; Weiss Berlin, Berlin; Commonwealth & Council, LA, CA; Tif’s Desk, LA/Miami and Thomas Solomon Gallery, LA.