Gregory Michael Hernandez                        

Architectures of Time, 2017
Mixed media sculptures
Exhibition location: outdoor hillside and steps leading to 60-inch Telescope
Photo credits: Eden Batki, Austin Radcliffe

Architectures of Time is a series of sculptures and architectural installations inspired by 20th century advancements in our expanding knowledge of (and discovered limitations in perceiving) time and space. Situated among a grove of trees between two high powered telescopes, the works activate the 'space between.'

Gregory Michael Hernandez was raised in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, and has lived in Los Angeles since 1995. His visual art is focused on the landscape, incorporating site-specific interventions in the desert and the city. Hernandez is interested in how mediated histories and contemporary constructs shape human perception. The clash of the religious impulse and politics is of particular interest, as these collisions are key to interpreting value systems. His photographic methods have become a tool for mapping perspective and relating the body to place / space. By mathematically translating between two and three-dimensional representations, the work bridges painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, and site-specific installation. After his debut solo exhibition “Rebuilt Homestead” at LAXART in 2010, Hernandez had a solo show at Roberts & Tilton in 2013. “Decalogue Chapel”, an architecturally dynamic sculpture that displayed ten paintings based off his rewriting of the 10 Commandments, also contained a performative element. It was included in the recent invitational “Joshua Treenial", in Joshua Tree, CA. He has received grants from the California Community Foundation and the Rema Hort Mann Foundation. His work is in the permanent collection of MOCA, Los Angeles.