Larua Riboli

Sphere and Now, Laura Riboli, 2012
video, 2 minutes
Photo credit: courtesy the artist
Exhibition location: theater screening
Laura Riboli‘s videos explore the relationship between abstract objects and the ways in which they are understood through the body. In the videos, motion and sound exploit a specific state of being, examining the perceptual machinations by which we come to understand abstraction both somatically and relativistically. Riboli’s work has been included in exhibitions at Taxter & Spengemann (New York), LACMA (Los Angeles), Laura Bartlett Gallery (London), and Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma (Rome). This summer she will be included in Made in LA, an exhibition at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. She is represented by Wallspace, New York, and Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles. She lives and works in Los Angeles.