Marilyn Lowey

Cosmic Latte, RGB or CMYK?, Marilyn Lowey, 2012
mixed media sculpture
Photo credit: Rena Kosnett
Exhibition location: 60-inch telescope exterior
Marilyn Lowey works with light as a material to create phenomenological pieces where light becomes the form and interacts with the viewer’s perceptions. She questions the difference between what the eye sees and the brain understands. After many years as a theatrical lighting designer she transitioned her practice into art making, re-contextualizing those experiences into a more critical and rigorous gesture. Her works use a full range of tools from technologically advanced lights, mirrors, haze machines to store-bought lamps and hand made light bulbs. Marilyn’s work has shown at 825 Gallery, Flagstop Art, Actual Size, Anderson Ranch, Distributed Gallery/Telic Arts Exchange and Glendale Art Temporary Exhibition. Marilyn is based in Los Angeles. marilynlowey.com