Harmonica Rascals

The Harmonica Rascals; Heather Bennett, David Bunn and Donnie Stroud
Old Time Music performance
Photo credit: courtesy David Bunn
Exhibition location: Hotel Ruins
The Harmonica Rascals is a Los Angeles based string band that plays Americana old-time music. The group was formed and produced by artist, David Bunn (guitar and vocals) in collaboration with Donnie Stroud (banjo and vocals) and Heather Bennett (fiddle, spoons and bones). David Bunn is an artist who was born in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. He has lived, worked and taught art in the Los Angeles area for the last 30 years and currently lives in Santa Paula, California. His work has followed an archival impulse and has taken many forms and has been exhibited, published and performed internationally. Heather Bennett was born in Los Angeles and began playing violin at age six. She then went on to play old-time, bluegrass and Texas Swing fiddle, competing in contests nationwide. In 1983, she was a national champion fiddler. She then went to law school and now works as a visual and performing arts copyright, trademark and proprietary rights lawyer in Los Angeles and Mexico City. She is currently working on a documentary on fiddling. Donnie Stroud was born in Midland, Texas, and lives and works in Los Angeles. He is an original member of the Harmonica Rascals. A multi-media raconteur, Stroud has a practice in art, film and music and has been composing, singing and performing in bands for thirty years. He is also lyricist and singer for the alternative country/folk band Hollerboys.