In gratitude for donations of $40 or higher, we are pleased to offer
a signed limited edition letterpress print, Garden for a Swan by Claire Nereim.


In the Northeast sky at dark, Cygnus the swan is in the vernal astral garden. The foliage is dense and overlapping. The seven mapped plants softly surround the bright bird.

An interpretive map of the sky over Los Angeles on the evenings of KNOWLEDGES 2017 and made for the occasion, this letterpress print diagrams the swan among seven new constellations depicting plants. Since 2008, Nereim has been making observational star charts of new constellations, among and anchored by recognizable asterisms. This print relates to an ongoing project that envisions the entire night sky populated by plants.

Letterpress edition of 100
Printed in Los Angeles by Bullhorn Press
100% cotton paper
18” x 24”

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